To celebrate this glorious day we got to know some of our favourite ladies in business a little better!
We Interviewed the beautiful Sophie Lord from Hello May Magazine to get some insight into the world of Hello May HQ and running a successful business!

Real Brides of Amante Bridal Boutique Warragul

What does a day in Hello May HQ look like for you guys?

No two days are the same. One day we could be working away on writing, photo editing and preparing content for our blog which is updated daily with exclusive stories and content like real weddings and the latest bridal collection releases. The next we could be on location shooting a fashion editorial for an upcoming issue or be heads down, bums up, putting together layouts for an upcoming issue and proofing and finalising pages for our printer. Im fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing team of women who take whatever this small business throws at them 


Every Hello May issue is so damn dreamy, we can’t wait to see the cover when each one is released! How do you go about choosing such incredible imagery and keeping each issue fresh and exciting?

Awe thank you! Issue 28 just came out at the beginning of March (you can search for your nearest stockist here) and its one of our favourite covers yet! When we’re putting together an issue our main focus is always our reader, ensuring there is something for everyone from a couture loving bride with a budget of $200,000 to a DIY bride with a budget of less than $20,000. We also make sure there is a good mix of country, coastal and urban weddings from every state in Australia and New Zealand and that the collection of weddings we feature are reflective of the multicultural society in which we live. The amazing Ana Galloway shot our issue 28 cover, and as we say with every issue we don’t choose the cover image, the cover image chooses us, it’s always the one that just jumps off the wall and gives you all the warm feels.


What do you find are some of the biggest challenges you face when running a business?

Oh gosh, there are so many highs and lows. The biggest stresses I think for any small business is finances, chasing people to pay their bills on time so you, in turn, can pay your bills on time. We’re very fortunate to have such a fabulous group of vendors form part of the Hello May community, and we really are just that, a community that supports each other.


Hello May is not only our fav wedding magazine but brides all over! Where did it all begin? Where did the idea grow from?!

I was recently interviewed for the One Wild Ride Podcast where we dove deep into the beginnings of Hello May. I used to be the Art Director at New Idea magazine and designed wedding invitations as a side hustle. I noticed that there was nowhere decent enough (or reasonably priced enough) to advertise my business which is what inspired me to start my own wedding magazine. A publication with heart, that was about connecting our readers with the many talented vendors that make up the Australian and New Zealand wedding industries.


As some seriously inspirational women in business, what is some advice you have for other women wanting to pursue their own business adventure?

Don’t do it. haha! Just kidding. Looking back on the past 9 years, it’s been an incredibly rewarding adventure but as they say about marriage, the first two years are the hardest. You really do have to be prepared to give it your all. You forfeit sleep, you forget friends birthdays, your one goal in life is to get this thing up and running, and then keep it running. Now I’m almost a decade into it, I’m just beginning to focus more on quality of life and a decent work-life balance, which is something that I really lost sight of in the early days. So my advice would be to do everything you can to achieve, but not at the expense of your physical or mental health.


 We are all about self-love, how do each of you lovely ladies ‘treat yo’ selves’ after a long day?

Every Friday we take off down the road to Hairyman Brewery for ciders and food truck treats. It’s a great way to wind down at the end of a hectic week. For me personally, my partner and I have recently purchased 16 acres in the Kangaroo Valley and we break ground on our A-Frame Cabin this month. Working to restore this block of land and bring it back to life has been such a gift, its physically exhausting, but the good kind, where you feel so alive at the end of a long day and have such a sense of achievement. 

Answered by Sophie Lord, Editor and Publisher

Photographed for Hello May Magazine
by Elsa Campbell & Jessica Tremp