“When I think of the Amante bride, I can’t see her, I feel her.
She is warm but insatiably cool. She knows kindness is king and brains are beauty.

She is the mist in the night and the light at dawn.
She is magic, her own kind of magic. One that isn’t defined by rules and expectations,
but by good times and good vibes.

Amante Bridal is for you and exists because of you,
You are an Amante Bride.”

Hayley, Amante Bridal Founder


We are movie buffs, we love old music and new adventures. We’re crazy cat ladies and enthusiastic dog lovers. We live in country Victoria, but our spirits reside in every corner of the globe, absorbing cultures, listening to tales and pinching family recipes.

The Amante experience is like no other, because you are like no other. We relax and
share stories, giggle and sip locally made tea while helping you find ‘The One’.

We’ll send you on your way with homemade bikkies and a cheery wave, because you
have made our day that little bit brighter.

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