Real Brides of Amante Bridal Boutique Warragul

What is your, and your gorgeous partners names?

Hayley & Anthony Meyer


We bet the whole day was amazing, but do you have a favourite part?

My favourite part was spending the day with my immediate family and new husband totally in secret – relaxed and intimate which is what anthony and i have always wanted. There was also the growing suspense of telling everyone the following night at our ‘engagement party’ that we infact were already married! hehe



What was your wedding location like? Help us visualise it! We’re real dreamers!

The actual wedding day on the 12.1.18 was held at Ripplebrook Winery which is a picturesque winery on Westernport road in Ripplebrook. It is surrounded by rolling hills, the vineyards, plenty of flora and fauna and local birds. There is tonnes of room for kids to run around with lush green grass surrounding the premises. Our engagement/urprise wedding reception on the 13/1/18 was held at the Berwick pub in the function room.


Tell us about the food- was it sit down, cocktail or food trucks? We’re drooling already!

Catena was very accomodating when it came to food, Anthony and I didn’t want anything fancy so we went with a few antipasto platters (with straz & kabana of course) and then 2 roast meats with vegetables. It was delicious and many compliments were made to the chef. At the Berwick Inn, we just had finger food.


Was there a Honeymoon or did you get back to the daily grind?

No honeymoon, straight back to the daily grind – thats what happens when you own your own business and are flat out. Maybe a trip to New Zealand for snow season is on the cards later in the year but we will have to wait and see.


Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for upcoming brides?

Do everything with an open mind – at the end of the day, whatever is meant to be will be. 🙂 Also have a backup option for wet weather – lucky we did because it poured down!


We are absolutely honoured that you chose us to dress you for your big day! How did you find your experience with Amante Bridal?:

As our ceremony was very laid back and small, I decided that a full blown wedding dress wasn’t for me. This is when Hayley suggested I come into the Dear Blackbird Boutique and try on some white dresses in there. She sent me plenty of options to look at before Ii made the trek to warragul. Once I got there, I tried on 2 dresses and on the 3rd dress I knew it was the one. It was a stunning long sleeved, lacey Keepsake The Label dress. I always have a great experience shopping at Dear Blackbird.


Special thanks to:

Photography // Sherryn Leigh Photography
Hair // Courtney Wood
Makeup // Glamourfied by Lizi Hance
Dress // Keepsake the label
Location // Ripplebrook Winery 


Real Brides of Amante Bridal Boutique Warragul
Real Brides of Amante Bridal Boutique Warragul
Real Brides of Amante Bridal Boutique Warragul
Real Brides of Amante Bridal Boutique Warragul
Real Brides of Amante Bridal Boutique Warragul

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