Real Brides of Amante Bridal Boutique Warragul

What is your, and your gorgeous partners names?

Bri and Steve Young


We bet the whole day was amazing, but do you have a favourite part?

We were in the desert in Joshua Tree and we had just a few close friends, the energy and the way everything fell into place was just magical.


Did you go with a theme? Was it classic or did you have a funky twist?

We just did what we felt like, no theme really, we let the location speak for itself. We wanted to start our marriage in an adventure and it certainly felt like that.


What was your wedding location like? Help us visualise it! We’re real dreamers!

The morning of the wedding we found a quiet spot in Joshua Tree National Park  and our friends found the perfect Joshua Tree to get married under. The sun was warm and the whole area was peaceful and still, it was perfect.


Tell us about the food- was it sit down, cocktail or food trucks? We’re drooling already!

After the ceremony we went back to our amazing ranch house and everyone (apart from myself and Steve as our friends wouldn’t let us) got stuck into making a huge Mexican feast, it was beautiful.


Was there a Honeymoon or did you get back to the daily grind?

We went from Joshua Tree to Alaska, then to New York, Rome, Amalfi coast, Singapore and then spent the final 2 weeks in Thailand at a stunning beach side resort, all up we were travelling for 8 weeks.


Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for upcoming brides?

We were initially set on eloping but really glad that we decided against it. We had a small ceremony with just fam in Australia as we needed to legally be married here, but then exchanged our vows and rings in Joshua Tree and wouldn’t have changed a thing. It’s so special to share it with the people you love and they appreciated being witness to it as well.


We are absolutely honoured that you chose us to dress you for your big day! We would love some feedback about your experience with Amante Bridal!

It was a beautiful experience and I am so glad that I found you girls! You made everything so easy and you were so loving in how you helped me find the perfect dress, I hadn’t had an experience like that with any of the other bridal stores I went into in Melbourne, so thank you!!

Real Brides of Amante Bridal Boutique Warragul
Real Brides of Amante Bridal Boutique Warragul
Real Brides of Amante Bridal Boutique Warragul
Real Brides of Amante Bridal Boutique Warragul

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