The “F word” doesn’t exist here 💕

This was a fabulous lesson I learned from a friend. A friend who taught me the hard way to take that filth word out of my vocabulary, by forcing me to do burpees every time I used it in her gym! …And if you’re like me and absolutely despise burpees, then I’m sure you can understand why I cut that crap out quick smart!

This is a lesson we bring into Amante every day. We promise we won’t make you guys do burpees if you use it, but it is certainly a word we will pull you up on because…

You. Are. Perfect.

Sample gown doesn’t fit right? Cool, we will order you a different size to fit your perfectly, amazing bod! 

Always remember when trying on gowns that samples really are just that, a sample of what we will order you. We take your beautiful measurements and order to the closest standard size, then alter from there!


We are so big on, we change the gown to fit you, never the other way around. So please don’t be hard on yourself, be kind, remember that you are incredible and that YOUR gown, not the sample, will fit like an absolute dream on your big day and you will radiate.