the best of the best in wedding photography

Looking for the best of the best to capture your big day? To hone in on those special moments that you want to hold forever and wont just go dusty in an old album?

Well look no further because we have done the dirty work for you (well, we sat with a cuppa and looked at a lot of pretty pictures really, but ya know… we added links for you!)

based in melbourne and gippsland …because love knows no bounds.  

Let us tell you, we have worked with this lady and she really is something special. And the best part? She comes with a handy ally in videography, her partner in crime Cooper. 

This photo/video power couple will bring a sense of fun and calm to your wedding day, you just need to dress up and show up! 

Based in Gippsland, Kristy has captured some of our most favourite bridal shots!


Kristy aims to take photos that ‘portray authentic connections and emotions between people in love.’  Creating not just images, but Art, something that you want to display in your home and cherish for years to come.

Kristy says that ‘getting ‘the shot’ is not just about being handy with a camera, it’s about the overall experience; the relationships I build with my clients and the mutual trust we form together.’ And let us tell you, from experience that is exactly the type of person you want behind the camera on your big day! 

 A Gippsland beauty, half of the brains behind Kindred Fair and all round legend!

Photographer by day, wedding fair extraordinaire by night! Nic does it all, and the best part? She will make you feel so damn relaxed the entire time, having your photo taken will feel just like hanging out with an old friend! 

Aiming for a candid feel in her photographs, Nic makes sure to catch all of the ‘little moments’ because she knows that they aren’t just ‘little’, they are you. 

 With a background in design, Nic uses that to her advantage and says that it plays a huge role in her creative eye and she way that she sees things. She is passionate about capturing honest connections and genuine moments of people in a ‘creative, candid and unobtrusive way.’

Based in Sale, but open to adventure! 

“Photography to me, is about documenting a collection of images that tell a story and show the real and candid moments of that particular time in your lives.” – hannah

Hannah is a long time friend of Amante Bridal, her work never fails to inspire and transport us to that magical, love filled feeling of a wedding day. Hannah is all about blending in with your guests and capturing your wedding story in the most ‘natural and unscripted way possible, so you can feel calm and relaxed’

She looks for the honest and raw moments that come from marrying ‘your person’, with a bit of direction to find some killer lighting, but ultimately, the day is yours and your photos are too, so she wants you to just be yourselves! 

based in ‘the big smoke’ but can be found galloping around country victoria!

The only time I’m in the way is when the Nutbush comes on. I snap, I film, and I’m here for a good time, not a long time.” – Jackson

We are Gipplsand gals, but we do love a city boy and have had the pleasure of being in a wedding shot by Jackson! We can tell you from experience, this guy will make you belly laugh like crazy, feel completely at home and safe in your own skin, all while getting the most KILLER wedding shots!

Jackon truly embraces the crazy, messy, honesty and beautiful moments from your day. In his words, Jackson likes to ’embrace the triple chins’ (Tegan’s was personally caught on video)  grandma with her ipad, groomsmen copying speeches from google, cuppla champas, runny mascara, joyous hurrahs, socks and sandals, forgetting the kleenex, bridesmaids fainting, not being ‘in it for the gram’, and a whole lotta smoochies. 

The best part? Photos and videos in one as well as a hell of a good time! 

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